B6 Upright Bike

Features Section

Shift Lever

Ergonomic level control is conveniently located in middle of console for easy resistance level adjustments.


Specifically designed to accommodate workouts ranging from relaxed to rigorous. The soft gripped handlebar and padded elbow rest provide comfortable support for your upper body during workouts.

HR Training Zone

Heart Rate Control gives you control over your running pace by providing accurate status updates on your heart rate.

Console Section

Note: Put the Console Options sections in the same order as the carousel images. All Group blocks holding each Console\’s options requires the \’console-options\’ class.

Dot Matrix

Large dot matrix window displays accurate readout of your workout setting.

Heart Rate Training Zone

Heart Rate Control provides heart rate status feedback to allow better control of your running pace.

Display Center

Display window to key data as well as messages during workout.

Display Selection

Display setting can be tuned to your liking through display switch buttons.

Quick Level

Numeric keys for users to quickly select resistance levels.

Shift Lever

Ergonomic level control conveniently located in the middle of the console for easy adjustability on resistance level and data input.

Sports Console 8 Inch Touchscreen

8 Inch Touchscreen

Brilliant and responsive the 8″ touchscreen elevates your workout experience to a higher level

Console CircleCloud God

CircleCloud Go

The most powerful wellness management eco-system featuring seamless integration of console, body analyzer and smartphone with fitness apps

Specifications Section

6 Series