Why Us


Stay on your feet, stay upbeat and DYNAMIC. Embrace the power of movement to keep healthy and happy.


We take the boredom out of workouts and let you rediscover the JOY of movement, via enhanced solutions that create stimulating exercise experiences designed for your own personal needs.


Get fit with EASE. We design with the user in mind, creating an experience that is both sophisticated and simple. Whether you are an end user or a gym owner, we can guarantee smooth integration.

Stay Young

Youth is much more than just a physical state—it’s a frame of mind. It is to stay open minded, to stay positive, to stay determined in the face of the unknown. To wake each morning with the goal to become better than before. Most importantly, to Stay Young is to make a choice.

Circle Fitness is committed to help you choose to Stay Young, regardless of your age, gender, or background. Our goal is to empower each person to transform from who they are into who they want to be—through the ultimate workout experience.

We understand the market, predict the trends, take ambitious approaches and offer unparalleled solutions to every exerciser and operator in the industry. We gather remarkable talent from all over the world, develop user-friendly designs and top-notch technology.We deliver the highest standards of profession and service.

Circle Fitness will continue to build on this legacy, not just moving forward and evolving, but breaking through and bringing a revolution to the workout industry—with you placed at the center of it.